[Tutor] Complete programming newbie requires tutorial. (Chris Andrew)

Ron Sheely ron.sheely at ironwoodlabs.com
Sun Jan 15 21:41:06 CET 2006

Two things.

First, I've been watching this list for several weeks now. I wanted to
respond to Chris Andrew's question regarding Python tutorials (Complete
programming newbie requires tutorial. (Message-ID:
<307203ff0601140431s26e9e3c0s at mail.gmail.com>Chris Andrew). Did I reply

Second, I've found four Python tutorials helpful to new programmers. I
list them in suggested order. BTW, I believe Danny's tutorial is where I
heard about this list.

1) One Day of IDLE Toying, by Danny Yoo

2) Python Org's IDLE Tutorial (http://www.python.org/idle/doc/idlemain.html)

3) A Byte of Python by Swaroop C H

4) Mark Pilgrim's Python tutorial for experienced programmers

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