[Tutor] mod_python and other web frameworks

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Wed Jan 25 21:37:43 CET 2006


Thanks for the boost up. I am looking at PSP now and it seems promising. 3
days is impossible for me :) ...maybe a week or more. I will certainly have
a look at 'mighty' once I am familiar with mod_python.

List: I am still open to suggestions.

Thank You.

On 1/26/06, Lolo <ernieball_slinky at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm using PSP module from mod_python for professional
> stuff.
> It's quick and easy to use, so it will be easy to
> create your blog
> in 3 or 4 days.
> You can put directly your python code in an html web
> page.
> But currently i take a look at migthy
> (http://www.myghty.org/index.myt), it's a very cool
> templating framework. And you can use it with
> mod_python.
> Have a nice day ...

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