[Tutor] Adding items to dictionaries

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Thu Jan 26 14:07:10 CET 2006

Jon Moore wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the following dictionary:
> pairs = {"Jon Moore": ["Tony Moore", "Stanley Moore"],
>          "Simon Nightingale": ["John Nightingale", "Alan Nightingale"],
>          "David Willett": ["Bernard Willet", "Robert Willet"],
>          "John Jackson": ["John Jackson", "Peter Jackson"],
>          "James Southey": ["Richard Southey", "Paul Southey"],
>          "Shaun Forsythe": ["William Forsythe", "Angus Forsythe"],
>          "Daniel Geach": ["Mike Geach", "Andy Geach"]}
> Where the names represent a son, father and grandfather.
> I am trying to add a new term and related definitions to the dictionary, 
> but my code does not seem to work:
>         son = raw_input("Please enter the name of the Son: ")
>         if son not in pairs:
>             father = raw_input("Who is the Father?: ")
>             grandfather = raw_input("What is the Grand Father?: ")
>             pairs[son][0] = father
>             pairs[son][1] = grandfather
>             print "\n", son, ",", father, "and" ,grandfather, "have been 
> added."
>         else:
>             print "\nThat Son already exists!"
> The error I get is:
>     pairs[son][0] = father
> KeyError: 'Steven Bates'
>  >>>
> Where am I going wrong?

The problem is, when you say
   pairs[son][0] = father

pairs[son] does not yet exist. This is on the left side of an 
assignment, but it is really an access to pair[son]. It is as if you had 
   temp = pairs[son]
   temp[0] = father

You get a KeyError accessing pairs[son].

The solution is to create a new list for the (father, grandfather) pair, 
and assign that to pairs[son]:

ancestors = [father, grandfather]
pairs[son] = ancestors

You might want to rethink how you are storing the data. (father, 
grandfather) is actually a (son, father) pair so you might want to store 
them as another entry in the dictionary. Also two sons could have the 
same father and grandfather; with your scheme you will store the 
(father, grandfather) pair twice. In general this kind of duplication of 
data is better avoided.

You might also want to Google 'python genealogy'.


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