[Tutor] [newbie alert] why can't I find a function that gives me the sign of an integer?

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Thu Jan 26 20:57:50 CET 2006

Rinzwind wrote:

> In basic I can use SGN to get back -1, 0,  +1 if a number is <0, 0, >0.
> I searched on  the web for a bit but sgn and sign give me way too many 
> discussions about Decimals. python.org <http://python.org> with 
> numbers/digits doesn't tell about a function.
> Maybe Python uses a different name for it so I am not looking for the 
> correct wording :( Sucks not knowing syntax from my memory and having 
> to look them up alot).
> Wim
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Well, the cmp() function does this if you compare the number to 0:

 >>> cmp(-34,0)
 >>> cmp(0,0)
 >>> cmp(23,0)

Of course, that's not all cmp() is good for, but it would work in this case.


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