[Tutor] socket and lost data

le dahut le.dahut at laposte.net
Fri Jan 27 11:08:41 CET 2006

I try to send some data across a network (between 400KB and 10MB) like 
this :
def envoyer(conn, mysize):
     print mysize,' KB sent'
     data = '1'*1024
     data_end = data[:-5]+'#####'
     data = data*(mysize-1)
     begining = time.time()
     passed = time.time() - begining
     return passed, size

and receive it like this :

def recevoir(conn):
     while 1:
         tmpdata = conn.recv(8192)
         data += tmpdata
         if '#####' in data:
             print 'END OF DATA'
     print len(data)/1024, ' KB received'
     return passed, int(data[-15:-5])/1024

But I don't receive as much data that I sent ... does someone know why ?
If I want to send the same data back to the client, do I have to destroy 
and recreate the socket ?

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