[Tutor] email-sending..

Danny Yoo dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Jan 29 07:43:19 CET 2006

Hi Jan,

Side question: how much Python do you know already?  It really seems like
you've just picked up an introductory example, so I'm not exactly sure I
see where you might be getting stuck or what things you've tried already.

Anyway, when you mention:

> i am trying to send emails through a python script , but it complains that
> socket error 10061 conection refused..

although this is useful, you should also copy-and-paste the exact error
message.  I know that you have to be paraphrasing somewhere because the
word "connection" is misspelled above.

Copying-and-pasting error messages is perfectly fine: they provide
information in even their most trivial-looking details, which is why we
really want to see that information in its fullness.

It will also help to see at one line things start going wrong.  Do you
remember seeing any kind of stack trace that pointed out which line of the
program wasn't going so well?

On quick question about the program you're showing us:

> smtpserver = 'mailserver'

Is this the real name of your SMTP mail server?

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