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Pat Martin wpmartin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 04:04:47 CET 2006


I have been reading about and playing with programming in python for awhile
now. I have most of the basics down. I know what a tuple is, I know how to
load modules, and I understand a fair amount of beginning programming
theory. I have written some scripts for both home and work and have become
fairly proficient at reading python code.

My question is, what next? Is there some intermediate tutorials or books out
there that I can start learning some real meat in the language? Things that
just writing a simple script I might miss. I really want to learn about in
depth programming and programming style but I am far from an expert. But
with all the languages I have learned (really touched on) C, C++ perl, and
python I seem to get to this point and then I am not sure where to go from
here. I want to be able to write large projects in python and carry that
experience over to the other languages as well. So any insight would be

Thank you.
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