[Tutor] program-code dilemma

Damian rxdamian at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 09:05:54 CEST 2006

 Lately I've been researching about the general definitions of program
and code, and I've realized that the difference is not so convincent
(without mentioning simple and precise); that's why I'm sending this.

 My frame of reference has been very reliable (several programming
books, dictionaries, etc.), but I'll not mention it because it's not
so important for the objective of the post.

 Although, from what I've found I been able to get this conclusions.

   Program.-  A sequence of instructions that can be executed by the computer.

   Code.- Just the instructions of the program.

 Nevertheless for the few experience that I have, I know that a
program also have comments; wich at the same time could be what
differences a program from a code:


   Program.- A sequence of instructions (with or without comments)
that can be executed
                  by the computer.

 The problem is that it seems too complicated for a definition so
important and essential to start learning to program (that without
getting account of what is missing for the completeness of the

 Although, I have clear that a program is like a container, and the
code is like the internal structure that conform it. I think that a
good analogy would be: "a code is to a program, what a GUI design is
to a graphic application."

 Please, do not doubt in telling me your experiences and opinions,
preferably with different languages. Always they're well founded.

PD: This will help me to extend my frame of reference.

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