[Tutor] WinXP IDLE -> open file : how-to change default directory ?

Matthew Webber Matthew at CuneiformSoftware.com
Thu Jun 15 22:11:40 CEST 2006

Try right-clicking on the shortcut, select properties, and change the "start
in" value.

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	Subject: [Tutor] WinXP IDLE -> open file : how-to change default
directory ?
	On WinXP IDLE will always 'open' in Python24 folder at startup.
	A beginner friend of mine hate that (personally I use SPE) and I
tried 'quickly' to find a way to configure that for him.
	I found all the .cfg files in idlelib and also the .idlerc folder in
the "Documents and settings" but I don't see how to give IDLE a default
directory at startup (or kipping in memory the last one opened). 
	How to do that or is it just not possible ?

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