[Tutor] How to make the loop work?

Ivan Low visional_freeman at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 22 20:14:24 CEST 2006

Bob Gailer wrote:
> Ivan Low wrote:
>> Hi, I'm new to python trying to figure how to make this work.
>> c=0;d=raw_input("input number limit: ")
>> while 1:
>>     c = c + 1
>>     if c == d: break
>>     print c,
>> My idea is to able to input a number to limit the print out of this 
>> loop.
>> But this will not work. Where is the error?
> "Will not work" does not (in general) give us enough to go on. Please 
> in the future tell us what the evidence of the problem is - e.g. 
> unexpected output, exception, ... If it is an exception please include 
> the traceback in your post.
Hi, thanks for helping.
After the reply from Peter by suggesting that I convert the raw_input to 
int, it works.
Sorry that I didn't supply enough information in my post.
However I'm curious about the result of my initial code after I enter a 
number which
prompted by the raw_input it just keep printing numbers without break.
Why is it acting like that?

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