[Tutor] Threading

Øyvind python at kapitalisten.no
Wed Jun 28 10:51:24 CEST 2006


I am trying to learn threading, and found a good example at:
http://effbot.org/librarybook/queue.htm (Using the Queue module with a
maximum size).

It works like a dream as is. But, I added it to a downloading-script I
have made before. The difference is that in my version it has a
wxPython-gui and download files. The module I use to download works great,
so does the gui.

So, when I start the downloading, the thread-example downloads from 20-80
files, and a box comes up, saying that Python has crashed. It ask if I
would like to shut down or debug. (On Win XP).

However, I can see the program run in the background as if nothing has
happened. What does cause an error like that? Two threads write to same

And, does anyone know of some great sites where I can learn more about
threads? I have found a lot, but they are not basic enough. I have no idea
what a 'lock' is, as most all sites assumes one should. So, the simpler
the better...

Thanks in advance,

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