[Tutor] Unexpected Behavior in unittest

Carroll, Barry Barry.Carroll at psc.com
Wed Mar 1 21:13:30 CET 2006


I went back and double checked all of my test files, and you were right
I was actually running an older version of test3.py.  In that, the
assignment to the character separator was wrong:

     lg.sc = 2.5

Having forgotten that Python allows dynamic creation of object
attributes at run time, I assumed (incorrectly) that the interpreter
would catch a misspelled attribute name.  lg.sc was being assigned just
fine, leaving lg.cs blissfully unchanged.  The test case caught the
error as it should, leaving me scratching my head and bothering you.  A
case of C++ memory intruding into Python space.

Thank you for pointing out the real problem.  

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> > I wish it were that simple.  'test3.py' is the name of the file
> > containing the test case class.  I left the invocation out of my
> > excerpt.  It should look like this:
> Hi Barry,
> Ok.
> But still go back and make sure you're running the right file.  


> Python isn't magical, so I have to assume that some program,
> different than the one you've shown us, is being executed.
> Does this make sense?

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