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Rakesh Mishra rakesh.mishra at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 08:00:59 CET 2006

hi Johnson

late me try to explain what I wants...

I am not interested in tool which is used to  creating the web pages.  but
I am interested in tool which is used for  webcasting the web pages.

in contax of Zope.......
Apart from creating web pages it has its own web server called as ZServer.
which is used by zope internally to web cast the pages.

Even you not clear than simply in one word I wanted to built Apache web
server in python.

I think now you will  understand what I want.
please help me out .

On 3/3/06, Kent Johnson <kent37 at tds.net> wrote:
> Rakesh Mishra wrote:
> > Hi Johnson
> > I wanted to create web server some think like similar to ZServer of
> zope.
> > I wanted to use it for publishing my home page (it is in php), or any
> > web application.
> > I am confused with arch.
> I still am not sure what you are asking for. Do you want to create
> something like Zope? Or do you want to use Zope to create your home
> page? If you want to learn Zope you should go to the Zope web site.
> Kent
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