[Tutor] Delete in .dat

ryan luna ryan_gm at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 5 02:54:28 CET 2006

My question seems like itd be farly simple but i cant
seem to get it to work,
My .dat file is a dictionary and i need to be able to
only delete a single word and its definition,
heres what i have so far but it doesn't work.

pickle_file = open("dictionary.dat", "r")
        dictionary = cPickle.load(pickle_file)
        sentence = raw_input("What definition would
you like to delete?: ")
        if sentence in dictionary:
            del dictionary[sentence]
            print "\n\t", sentence, "Has been removed"
            print "\n\t", sentence, "That word is not
in the dictionary"
        pickle_file = open("dictionary.dat", "w")
        cPickle.dump(dictionary, pickle_file)

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