[Tutor] how to get the return value?

seedseven at home.nl seedseven at home.nl
Mon Mar 6 13:36:20 CET 2006

---- Alan Gauld <alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk> schrijft: 
> However the real question I have is how you intend to
> access that result value. Is it a single value at the end
> you want or the cumulative set of values from each
> scheduled call?



Currently I'm not quite sure what and how I want to do it, so far I've been poking around a bit in the std library to see what options there are to create a sceduling script.  Finaly I'd like to be able to have a program do the following, using a "simple" ini_file:

for every workingday of a week: 
  from 7.00 until 17.00:
    every minute:
      capture a frame and save it
    at noon:
      compile a video from the frames gathered this morning
      do some file manipulations
    at 17.00:
      compile a video from the frames gathered this afternoon
      do some file manipulations
  on friday 17.00:
      compile a movie from a selection ( every n_th) of the frames of this week

The time_lapse function was a first attempt in creating something that starts and stops at a certain time and triggers some actions inbetween. Then I thougth I could use it as the main loop that triggers all the other actions, but then I have to able to change the start and stop times for these from the intial time_lapse loop.

Looking at Danny's code, I think a threaded sheduler + shared qeue would be a better approach, but that's something completly new to me.



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