[Tutor] "Unexcepted Python Error : Exceptions.IOError: [Errorno 9] Bad File descriptor"

K.Vijaya Balaji Chellamani cvijaybalaji at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 14:00:21 CET 2006

Respected Sir ,
                        I am new and introducing myself as Vijaya Balaji
Chellmani . When i was using the python for my office application ( uses
VC++ ) unfortunately i was awarded with unexcepted python error .The error
"Unexcepted Python Error : Exceptions.IOError: [Errorno 9] Bad File

Situation for the occurance:
i worte a script for querying certain objects .This script was invoked from
vc++ through command prompt .Since the execution was slow , we switched over
a modification  in the script .The modification was all the process of
querying  were taken under single class .and then we assigned a class id ,
other infomation for making this class as component.After all modification
the script was runned to make a register process in the registry. Then the
script was invoked from our application through "OLE" instance.The querying
showed a faster response . but the thing is i was stucked sometimes with
error message cited above .But after ignoring the message and when i
continue again with some query process ( purpose of querying :finding  a
device name in pickle database ) i stucked up with the error again .

Is there is any remedy for this . how can i eliminate this . I will very
useful  for me if you clarify this doubt . I will be thankful to you.

Vijaya Balaji Chellamani.
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