[Tutor] Simulate Input from mouse and keyboard?

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Thu Mar 16 11:54:00 CET 2006

Ars wrote:
> Is there a way to control the mouse cursor's position so I can tell it 
> to move to X,Y position on the screen and click or double click 
> automatically?
> Also, how can you simulate input from the keyboard?
> I'd like to be able have a program that can call up a webpage, click on 
> a text box and type into it as though a person was actually doing it.
> I know this is kinda an obtuse way of getting things done, but I think 
> it'd be neat to be able to do it that way.

I agree with John and Alan that there are probably better solutions. The 
mechanize and ClientForms packages are designed for fetching and filling 
out web forms from Python.


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