[Tutor] Test If File System is mounted in Linux

Pawel Kraszewski Pawel_Kraszewski at wp.pl
Sat Mar 18 10:38:46 CET 2006

Dnia piątek, 17 marca 2006 19:22, Bill Campbell napisał:

> If you're sure it's a Linux system, fine.  Like /etc/mtab, this isn't
> portable.  Looking at some of the systems we have here:

Fortezza mentioned it the way I assumed he has Linux:

>> If there a semi-standard way to test if a file system has been mounted
>> or not using Python? In the Linux command line, I can type "mount" and
>> see all mounted file system, and then see if the one I am looking for is

But, generally - you are right. Each system has its own rules for accessing 
mount table. Anyway - this would be a great exercise to make a portable 
pure-python library to get this information.


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