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Forwarding to the list, I don't know how to do this.

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thanks that was very helpful now i have one more question if you dont
know how to do what im say its ok. i wondering if thers a way to get a
box pop up were you can see through it lik you can see what inder the
box in it do you see what im saying like if the letters google are under
it you willsee google in it and be able to alter it if you put the box
over a number just somethi for thought.

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      > no it is not homework, i havent started y idea yet but my
     question for now
      > basicly say how do you get python to make a box pop up? you no
     like ask you
      > a question or somthin. if you still dont understand i mean how do
     you make a
      > program were a box pops and does somthing when you run the preogram

     Probably the simplest way to pop up a dialog is with EasyGui:


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