[Tutor] i need help please read (fwd)

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Thu Mar 23 14:29:30 CET 2006

> no it is not homework, i havent started y idea yet but my question for now
> basicly say how do you get python to make a box pop up?

You can draw a box in many different ways, but its not clear what kind
of box you want to pop-up, nor what you mean by pop-up.

For example are you talking about a graphic of a box within a terminal 
Or are you talking about a picture of a box within a graphics application(a 
game say?)
Or are you talking about a dialog box within a GUI? (And if so do you know 
to produce the GUI in the first place?)

One of the key things to learn about cpmputers and programming is that you
have to express your requirements very very precisely. There are many ways
to display a box, depending on what kind of box you mean.

Here is one of the simplest:

print '''
|                  |
|                  |

Is that sufficient?

> you no like ask you a question or somthin.

Danny was simply asking for more information so that we can
answer the question in a useful way.

> if you still dont understand i mean how do you make a
> program were a box pops and does somthing when you run the preogram

The code I show above does almost exactly what you ask.
A box pops up

Now add this code

print '\n' * 50

and it now does something - it disappears again!

Do you have anything more specific in mind for what this box should do?
And what kind of box you want?

Alan G
Author of the learn to program web tutor

> On 3/22/06, Danny Yoo <dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu> wrote:
>> On Wed, 22 Mar 2006, Tom Bachik wrote:
>> > ok does anyone know how to righ a script were a box pops up then if it
>> > goes over a number on the screen it pops up in the box become the input
>> > number so you can alter the number that popped up in the box? if you do
>> > can you right it and send it to me and if you cant doit all but know 
>> > how
>> > i can do part will you please help me do it but remeber im new so i 
>> > dont
>> > know to much
>> Hi Tom,
>> Frankly, I'm having a very hard time understanding your question.  You 
>> are
>> going to have to try harder if you really want a good response from us.
>> I do not mean to be mean: I simply don't understand the terms you are
>> using; I'm having too hard enough time trying to parse your paragraph. My
>> mental model of what you are trying to ask is not strong.
>> If you want help, show us what you've tried so far, and we'll do what we
>> can to point you toward resources that can help you.  If this is 
>> homework,
>> know that we can not do it for you.
>> If you'd like pointers to tutorial resources, you may find:
>>    http://wiki.python.org/moin/BeginnersGuide/NonProgrammers
>> useful; this link contains most of the beginner-level tutorials.  If you
>> go through and work through the problems in a tutorial, you should be
>> better equipped to play with Python.
>> You've probably already been pointed to the "How to Ask Questions the
>> Smart Way" page, but just in case, I'll be redundant and point it out:
>>    http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
>> Reading it may help you write your question in a way that will make it
>> easier to approach and answer.

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