[Tutor] Turnkey Python on a USB stick

Steve Slevinski slevin at signpuddle.net
Mon Mar 27 23:21:08 CEST 2006

Hi list,

I like the idea of portable apps.  Load a USB drive and you're ready to go.

I am switching from PHP to Python and I'm curious if anyone has tried 
using USB sticks for either development or distribution?

I was looking at purchasing Movable Python for a USB stick.  I was then 
going to load it up with Twisted, GTK, Leo, py2exe, py2app, protable 
firefox, portable thunderbird and the Uniform Server.  Zip the drive, 
backup the file and I have an instant recovery.  My development 
environment is safe and stable.

My users are not very sophisticated so I wanted to use a USB drive for 
distribution.  They'll plug in the USB stick, which will automatically 
start the webserver (Uniform Server).  Then they'll interact with a wiki 
style website.  Later they can sync their personal server with an online 
server somewhere for publication and backup.  Later I'll include a GTK 
frontend and twisted server.

Does this sound reasonable?  Are their any alternatives to Movable 
Python? (http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/movpy/)


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