[Tutor] python, python2 & python2.3 in /usr/bin

Michael Daly md at holisticgp.com.au
Sun Nov 5 13:15:54 CET 2006

Greetings everyone
Could someone please explain these links...python2 seems to have resulted
from an installation of python 2.5 (in a specified dir via the --prefix
switch) and is a symbolic link to 'python'

The others - python and python2.3 are just files and predate the python2

I am worried that installing python 2.5 might have upset the 'path' for
python (which I don't understand very well).

When I type 'python -V' I get:
python 2.3.4
which is what i want for centos / asterisk; however asterisk had trouble
starting after a reboot (it is a python 2.3.4 dependent app) 

Does this sound normal?

Thanks to anyone who can help

Regards & remaining, 



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