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Greetings, all:

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> On Monday 06 November 2006 01:08, Alan Gauld wrote:
> > While using a dictionary is probably overkill, so is a rage.
> No, in this case it's absolutely the right choice.
> > A simple string holding all characters and an 'in' test would
> > be both easier to read and faster.
> I'm stunned you think this. It's precisely this sort of naivete that
> baffles
> me with regard to regales.
> > Which kind of illustrates the point of the thread I think! :-)
> Actually, no, it doesn't.
> I'm serious, if you think ^[0-9A-Za-z_.-]*$ is unclear and complex, go
> away
> and relearn regales.
> Michael.

With the final sentence above, this thread has ceased to be an
intellectual discussion and become a religious argument.  Until then, I
was enjoying an informative discussion by knowledgeable people on a
topic of considerable interest.  Now I'm upset by the implications of
the statement and embarrassed on behalf of the writer.

When a person his so convinced of his/her rightness that they feel
justified in insulting those in opposition, that person has substituted
flaming for advocacy.  They have also, in my opinion, seriously weakened
their position on the subject.  Why would someone resort to such an
attack if they were, in fact, correct?  

I am disappointed to see such behavior on this list, and I hope it's
occurrence will continue to be vanishingly small.  

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