[Tutor] Ruby Code Blocks vs. Python Lambdas

Tim Johnson tim at johnsons-web.com
Wed Nov 8 00:27:25 CET 2006

* Alan Gauld <alan.gauld at btinternet.com> [061107 08:27]:
> Apropos of nothing at all...
> "Kent Johnson" <kent37 at tds.net> wrote 
> > Carroll, Barry wrote:
> >> ... consensus was that Python was much better than Ruby 
> > 
> > Sounds like you had a table full of Pythonistas.
> And Andreas, Danny and I also argued for Ruby.
> And elsewhere Tim making a case for Rebol.
> It just strikes me as interesting that on a Python oriented mailing 
> list we have people arguing in defence of other languages! This 
> is not something you see every day on the internet, and indicative 
> of the nature of the Python community I think.
  1) - it speaks well for the python community that one
  can at all comment on the advantages of another language without
  negative repercussions.

  2) - I find that I learn more and think for flexibly when I work in
  more than one language. If one is to earn a living as a programming -
  it's a rare job where one will code in one PL all the time. And after
  all, I read in some python books about the languages that influenced
  the development of python....

  In fact, if you do web programming, avoiding having to do Javascript
  would be difficult - :-)

> :-)
> Alan G.
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