[Tutor] pygame rpg

Luke Paireepinart rabidpoobear at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 08:11:32 CET 2006

federico ramirez wrote:
> Hi! im trying to make a rpg game with pygame, of ocurse i will first 
> to try make simpler games, anyways, i could not find any good 
> tutorial, example, article, not anything about making a rpg with 
> pygame and the documentations is pretty poor... only some tutorials
I do not think the documentation is poor.
In fact, I love the pygame documentation.
It's the most clear documentation I've ever laid eyes on.
It shines like the sun.
I bow before it.

Okay, yeah, so it doesn't have that many tutorials.
Tutorials aren't part of the documentation, though.  They are a 
completely separate entity.
The docs explain everything you need to know about using the library,
just not how you should use it for a specific task.

Making an RPG in pygame will have the same problems as writing one in 
SDL or some other language/library.
Look for general RPG design help type websites.
Note that RPGs have a buttload of content and soloing one is nigh 
impossible IMO.

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