[Tutor] datetimetype vs datetime.datetime

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sat Nov 11 13:53:36 CET 2006

johnf wrote:
> Hi
> I'm working on a python interface to freetds.  And freetds can access MS SQL 
> database engines.  But I'm having trouble with datatime datatypes.  
> The python module I'm using is MSSQL.py written back in 2003.  After getting 

Why are you using such an old version?

> it compiled access to MS SQL works if I stay with simple datatypes (int, 
> varchar).  But when the table has a datetime field the MSSQL.py module 
> returns a 'DateTimeType' i.e.
> Jan 13 2006 12:00AM
> The question is how can I convert the 'DateTimeType' to a datetime.datetime?

Presumably DateTimeType is the type of mx.DateTime? If so, this is a 
rich data type that you might be able to use directly. It was popular 
before Python's datetime module was released. See

If you have to convert to datetime.datetime just use the DateTime 
attributes to extract the data:
datetime.datetime(mxd.year, mxd.month, mxd.day)


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