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> Hello there all.
> i have a class that i need to load some class variables 
> depending on what is passed to the class, it would either be 
> set up using one variable or another. The values for the 
> class variables would be loaded from a database. But how it 
> is looked up depends on how its called. Like this: 
> class Sensor_Object(object):
>     def __init__(self, id, monitor):
>         if id:
>            self.id = id
>            load values from the database
>            value1 = somevalue 
>            value2 = someOthervalue
>         else:
>            self.monitor = monitor
>            get some values from database
>            value1 = somevalue
>            value2 = someothervalue
> now i could call it like this: 
> new_monitor = sensor.Sensor('', 'XJ191')
> or
> new_monitor = sensor.Sensor('3433', '')
> to load based on the other variable.
> i think that this would work, but i was thinking that there 
> must be a cleaner way to do it. 
> any suggestions ?
> sk

I don't know if it's cleaner, but it might be easier to read if you use
default named arguments.
def __init__(self, id = None, monitor = None):

Calling it
new_monitor = sensor.Sensor(monitor = 'XJ191')
new_monitor = sensor.Sensor(id = '3433')

Check to make sure one or the other arguments is supplied. Otherwise
throw an exception.

Maybe there'll be some better ideas from other posters.


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