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Chris Hengge pyro9219 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 02:40:34 CET 2006

Because alot of the users here at Intel dont want to admit you can write
usable programs in a "scripting" language.. so when they see a .exe they
feel comfy...

I'm working on pushing "agile language"... I personally think its more
appropriate then scripting =D

On 11/15/06, Alan Gauld <alan.gauld at btinternet.com> wrote:
> "Etrade Griffiths" <etrade.griffiths at dsl.pipex.com> wrote
> > just finished developing my first app with wxPython and matplotlib
> > and now
> > trying to create an EXE file using PY2EXE for distribution.
> > However, this
> > is proving to be an extremely frustrating experience and I am making
> > very
> > little progress.  Are there any "simple" alternatives to PY2EXE for
> > shipping Python apps to Windows machines?
> There are a few more sophisticated tools around but py2exe is
> usually considered the easy option.
> But are you sure you really need an EXE?
> The size of a bundled python install, which can be optionally
> loaded if not alteady there, is not excessive in modern PC
> software terms and many environments nowadays do not
> use pure exe's - VB, .NET, Java Smalltalk, etc
> So why not just ship Python? And if you writre a lot of code
> installing
> python will use up less memory in the long term since you won't
> have a copy of the interpreter hiding inside every app!
> Alan G.
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