[Tutor] Read the builtin module source, also itchy ellipses.

Thomas tavspam at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 14:37:02 CET 2006


I sometimes find it useful to read the source code of a module and for
example I can type string.__file__ to find the location of the string

However the .__file__ method is not available for the module builtin. Is it
possible to read the source code for built in functions and if so how do I
find them? I realise some/all may be written in C rather than python but it
would still be interesting to read them.

In an unrelated follow-up may I also ask: can the ellipsis (...) be used in
code? I tried a googlecode search but none of the examples worked for me.
Can someone post an example line of code that uses ... in it. This has
been causing an itch in my brain, please reply with the scratch.

Thanks in advance,
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