[Tutor] Problem making '.exe' from python.

Chris Hengge pyro9219 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 20:06:29 CET 2006

Whether using py2exe or pyInstaller I've noticed a problem and I'm not sure
how to fix it...

When I create a .exe and then make a shortcut to the file and run it.. the
program will crash without warning.
If I run the .exe directly it runs fine.

My assumption of the problem:
Since it is still built on python and my variables for files or module calls
are designed for "they are in the same location I run the script from" when
I run the script from a shortcut it will fail finding the wanted pieces.

Is this true? And if so, how do I fix it? I could write fixed paths into my
code, but that is unrealistic and makes running my scripts to test them a

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