[Tutor] Please suggest a python book

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sat Nov 25 15:12:13 CET 2006

Arild B. Næss wrote:
> Den 25. nov. 2006 kl. 13.32 skrev Dick Moores:
>> At 08:40 PM 11/24/2006, Jalil wrote:
>>> If you already know C you should be fine with python ref book.
>>> *Python Essential Reference (2nd Edition)*
>> The 3rd ed. came out Feb 2006.
>> http://tinyurl.com/yjvn6o
> I have also been wondering about a second book to get. I've already got 
> "Beginning Python" from Apress, which is good, but very basic.
> I'm weighing "Python in a Nutshell" against "Python Essential 
> Reference". In one of the customer reviews on the amazon-page (linked to 
> above), someone claims: "The Nutshell book documents each function of a 
> module with an explanation of how to use it and what to watch out for. 
> It often provides a useful example. Beazley, on the other hand, has 
> mostly restated the web docs, which are free."
> Any opinions on this?

Python in a Nutshell does give good concise explanations of the modules. 
The version of Beazley that I have, which is pretty old (2000), doesn't 
seem to add much to the docs. But personally I prefer the online docs to 

I think a good intermediate Python book is the Python Cookbook. This 
gives a lot of examples of using Python and the standard library in ways 
you might not have thought of. It is a good collection of idiomatic Python.

> (BTW: When I try to visit diveintopython.com, that someone just 
> mentioned in this thread, I get up a web page that has little if 
> anything to do with python.)

Try diveintopython.org


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