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Hello, Asrarahmed

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> Hello folks,
> Can someone help me with a simple algorithm to generate permutations
of a
> given string:
> Input string:---->> 'abc'
> Output:------->>  ['abc','acb','bac','bca','cab','cba']
> Thanks.
> Regards,
> Asrarahmed Kadri
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I'm not sure these qualify as "simple", but they work.  This was one of
my very first projects in Python, so it may be more complicated than

def permute (word):
    Accepts a string. 
    Returns a list of all permutations of the string using all
    if len(word) == 1:
        # There is only one possible permutation
        # Return a list of all permutations using all characters
        for pos in range(len(word)):
            # Get the permutations of the rest of the word 
            # Now, tack the first char onto each word in the list
            # and add it to the output
            for item in permuteList:
    return retList

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