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Mohammed H. Hafeji m_hafeji88 at talktalk.net
Tue Nov 28 20:56:21 CET 2006

Need some help in python.

How do i make the user choose wheter or not to pick it up? (i can do picking up an item from a list):

objectsCarried = []

inventory = ['bat']
lengthOfInventory =len(inventory)

print 'The room holds:'

for item in range(lengthOfInventory):
    print item, inventory[item]

numberChosen = int(raw_input('use the number to pick up an item '))

objectChosen = inventory[numberChosen]


print 'you are carrying '
for item in objectsCarried:
    print item


print 'The room now holds:'

for item in inventory:
    print item
But i cant do when u have a choice to pick up or not.

Also if not too much trouble then how can i do: 
IF the user picks the bat up then when he comes across the vampire then he kills it, but if he hasnt pickd up the bat then he dies? 
Thanks in advance

P.S. Could u plz email sum code
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