[Tutor] WHy use SOAPpy if we can do the things using httplibmoduleRe: How to connect to the SOAP server and make arequest..........

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 21:21:42 CET 2006

> it is given how to
> >create
> > the SOAP ENVELOPE using
> > httplib, so why bother about using SOAPpy...??
> You can also read web pages using http POST and GET messages
> to a socket using the socket library, but most folks find it easier
> to use urllib.
> For that matter you can display output to sys.stdout, so
> why bother with print?
> The library functions make things easier and more consistent.
> Somebody else has debugged the code so you don't have to...

to further the analogy, you could say why bother with urllib and use
httplib instead, or forget all those and use TCP sockets, or drop TCP
in favor of UDP, or protocols?  who needs protocols?  just use raw
sockets!  (i'll stop here... you get the picture.) :-)

you're basically using high-level libraries as an abstraction layer
(to make developing apps easier) to hide the messiness of the
lower-level implementation and details which may not be applicable to
your work.  i mean, why use Python when you can do it in C?

-- wesley

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