[Tutor] Use Python to learn kids (9 yr) to program

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    Playing with Guido Van Robot http://gvr.sf.net is another good option to teach programming to young ones. Rurple is just another graphic representation of the gvr.


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I think Python is a great choice.

You may want to have a look, as a first step, at rur-ple <http://rur-ple.sourceforge.net> .  Then, as a next step (although it might be a bit steep), you may want to have a look at livewires <http://www.livewires.org.uk/python/> .   This will provide a good introduction to pygame <http://www.pygame.org> .


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	I have looked around for som language to use to learn my 9 year son
	There is a KPL - Kids Programming Language but my son diden't grasp the
	OO, GUI and everyting around this, maby becurse English is not his spoken 
	language, and for a beginner i think the inviroment was to complex.
	So my plan is to use Python, has anyone try to learn kids this way, and
	giv som ide how-to.
	I witch way to introduce every part of the language,,, 
	best regards
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