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On Thu, 2006-10-05 at 11:33 -0400, Bernard Lebel wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry to use this list for such an OT subject. But I want to get hands
> down with Linux, and am looking for a book or two on the subject.
> I'm looking for information about installation, configuration,
> optimisation, and management of the Linux OS.

If you are new to Linux, you're likely to be best helped by a book that
matches your distribution, e.g. "Ubuntu Linux" or "Ubuntu Unleashed".
(Not to push you to Ubuntu; I'm running Fedora myself.)  These books
provide shallow coverage of everything and will give the background
needed to make good use of the system documentation.  They will also
point you to yum, synaptic, smart or whatever package management system
makes sense with your chosen distribution.  The package managers greatly
simplify system administration.

There are books devoted to packages: SSH, Sendmail, DNS/Bind, Apache,
Samba, etc. so you may need to get additional books depending on how you
use your computer.  "Linux in a Nutshell" (mine is 5th edition) provides
a useful reference.  There are also books like "Linux Debugging and
Performance Tuning" which are more system oriented.  "Moving to the
Linux Business Desktop" is useful for finding your way among all of the
available desktop applications.  Linux is a pretty broad subject so
there's a huge range of books from which to pick.

> Thanks
> Bernard
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