[Tutor] Generic Application Frameworks?

Mike Hansen Mike.Hansen at atmel.com
Thu Oct 19 22:20:35 CEST 2006

	I don't believe there's any limitation in python. I suspect it's
	philosophical. <-- What did you mean by this Mike?

import this

"Simple is better than complex."
"Complex is better than complicated."

I'm kind of torn on using frameworks. I'm but a simple caveman
programmer(*), and some of these frameworks seem pretty complicated. On
the other hand, they sound like they can speed up development. One of
these days I'll probably take a good look at Django(**), and see if I
can whip out a CRUD(***) web app.

* - Phil Hartman SNL("I'm but a simple caveman lawyer")
** - A web application framework
*** - CRUD...Create Update Delete


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