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Luke Paireepinart rabidpoobear at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 04:29:40 CEST 2006

Kent Johnson wrote:
> Alan Gauld wrote:
>> Pine Marten wrote:
>>> 2. Is there list ettiquette one should be aware of?
>> Yes, but I'm not sure how you get a copy.
>> Moderators???
> Hmm, I didn't get that as part of my new moderator's welcome package. We 
> are pretty informal. The only real rule I can think of is, don't ask us 
> to do your homework, and if someone does ask for a homework solution, 
> don't give it.
> We will *help* with homework if you make an attempt and ask for help.
> The best way to ask a question is to make your best attempt at a 
> solution and show it. Then we can see where you are stuck. If you get an 
> exception traceback from your program, include the entire traceback in 
> your post.
You should've gotten this e-mail when you registered:

Your message for tutor at python.org, the Python programming tutor list,
has been received and is being delivered.  This automated response is
sent to those of you new to the Tutor list, to point out a few
resources that can help with answering your own questions, or improve
the chances of getting a useful answer from the other subscribers.

If your question is something akin to:

    "I've just heard about Python, and it sounds great!  Where can I
     find out more on how to program with Python?"


     "What's Python?"

please read section 1 below.

On the other hand, if your question is:
    "I've heard that Python is good for hacking -- I want to know


    "Can you teach me how to break into a computer with Python?"

please read section 2 at the bottom of this email.

Section 1: ----------

The most comprehensive overview of python.org help resources is at


The Python FAQ is available at


and it has answers to many questions that people ask, possibly
including your question.  Another wealth of information and experience
can be found via the python.org searches, at


There you'll find comprehensive, easy-to-use searches over the
python.org web site and the Python newsgroup, comp.lang.python.

Python has an online tutorial, available freely from


Finally, when you do send email to the Tutor list, be as clear as you
can about the problem, including, when relevant, details like:

 - Precise error messages, including complete tracebacks    
 - The hardware platform (available in the Python sys module as
 - The python version (sys.version) 
 - The python search path (sys.path)

In general, be specific about what was going on connected with the
problem or what specific concept you're having difficulties with.  The
better the info you provide, the more likely the helpers will be able
to glean the answer...

There's a HOWTO that shows how to ask "smart" questions to technical


Although it is provocative, it does have some good points, and is an
interesting read.

Note that no one is paid to read the tutor list or provide answers,
and most readers often have other work that demands their attention.
Well-posed requests for help are usually answered fairly promptly, but
occasionally a request slips by, so if you do not get a response with
one or two working days (it's usually quicker than that), please feel
free to send a followup, asking whether anyone is working on your

Anyway, your message is being delivered to the Tutor list as this one
is being sent.  However, if your question was about as detailed as
"Teach me how to program in Python", do not count on an answer -- this
email contains all the information you need to start.  Come back with
a more precise question, and we'll be glad to help.


Section 2: ----------

We periodically get requests which ask about hacking or cracking or
breaking into computers.  If you haven't yet, go read Eric Raymond's
article "How To Become a Hacker" at

If, after you've read that, you want help learning how to hack the way
Eric defines the word, then come back to us (and read Section 1
above).  If you want help learning how to crack, go look elsewhere --
we're not interested in helping you do that.

That about sums it up for me :)

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