[Tutor] Evaluate my script?

Adam Gomaa python-tutor at adamgomaa.com
Tue Oct 24 19:32:55 CEST 2006

Thanks for your help! I've rewritten it with many of your suggestions
and will definitely use this as a reference for future scripts.

Here's the updated one.

(I also played around with lambdas, I don't know if they're actually
needed/useful there, but I haven't used them before and I wanted some
practice with them).

I ran into some trouble with string.strip(). I worked around it by
simply piling on more strip statements, although I doubt that's the
correct way to do it :P. It's in the splitInput() function, inside the
parseInput() function.

> That's a lot of comments for such a small program, so keep in mind you don't
> have to do everything I (or others :)) write. Some of the advice is generic in
> nature: e.g. you might not care about reuse in this particular case, but it's
> still good to know what you should pay attention to in the cases where you DO 
> care.
I was afraid I hadn't commented enough! Well, now I know...

Thanks again,
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