[Tutor] OOP and Python.. a gentle remark

euoar euoar at yahoo.es
Wed Oct 25 11:46:10 CEST 2006

Asrarahmed Kadri escribió:
> Folks...
> Please dont take it in a wrong sense. But I have a point to make 
> regarding OOP and the way it is implemented in Python.
>  Why is it necessary to explicity use self argument in the class 
> functions ?? I feel the language/interpreter should figure out which 
> object has called the function? Isnt it ? (the use of 'self' keyword 
> really confuses me. and to make matter worse the variables can be 
> accessed from outside teh class. Isnt it a violation of the OOP 
> principle of ENCAPSULATION)
> Also please let me know hwo can we declare PRIVATE VARIABLES in 
> Python...??
> Regards,
> Asrarahmed
> P.S. : I love Python. :)-
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That's something that I also don't understand, but I'm just a beginner 
in python, coming from java and C#, where this is not necessary. It 
seems to me quite annoying having to write this "self" each time, and I 
think it makes the code less readable. I have googled a little to see if 
there is an explanation to this particularity, with no sucess, so I will 
pay much attention to the answers here...

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