[Tutor] Mailing list question

rolando finalyugi at sapo.pt
Fri Oct 27 00:34:28 CEST 2006

I just use the reply button in my Thunderbird, and then change the email 
I want to send to tutor at python.org

Jorge Azedo escreveu:
> Danny Yoo wrote:
>>>> Not so much a question about Python, but here goes:
>>>> How do I reply to a specific thread in the mailing list? If I place 
>>>> "Re:bla bla"  in the subject line, I notice that I start a new 
>>>> thread, I don't continue one that already exists. How do I go about 
>>>> doing this? Thanks for any info
>>> What e-mail client are you using?  Most have a reply-to-all button 
>>> you can use so that you won't have to start a new message to reply to 
>>> someone.
>> There's a little bit of extra information that Mailman uses to detect 
>> threads.  The archives don't cluster messages based on the subject 
>> line, but instead use a specific header value whose name I'm 
>> completely forgetting right now... *grin* (I think it's the 
>> 'In-Reply-To' header line.)  Your email client should be the one 
>> responsible for maintaining that threading information.
> I'm trying to use the Reply All button on my mail client (I use 
> Thunderbird, by the way) like you guys suggested. Let's see if it works  
> :-P
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