[Tutor] I am terribly confused about "generators" and "iterators".. Help me

David Heiser David.Heiser at intelliden.com
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May I invite EVERYONE to NOT introduce political or religious elements
into these discussions. It has no place here and can destroy this
excellent discussion group. I've seen it happen.

PLEASE take it elsewhere.

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Asrarahmed Kadri wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> What are generators and iterators...??And why are they are needed..??
> I can do my stuff with a 'for' or a 'while' loop.. so why do I need an
iterators & generators do not replace while or for loops! 
> And what is a generator ..? I did try to read about these two things
> on the web, but still I AM CONFUSED.
Well at risk of offering more web stuff, try 
> To HIM you shall return.
I am glad that this thought brings you some comfort or stimulation. I 
used to believe something similar, and all it did was bring me fear 
guilt and shame.

Bob Gailer

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