[Tutor] recommendations for database module based on my needs

Pine Marten pine508 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 27 23:22:28 CEST 2006

I'm hoping to create an app which takes user data via a GUI with checkboxes, 
textcontrols, spinner controls, etc.  The data would be some text, some 
numbers, some checkboxes checked or not, etc.  I've been making a little 
progress on that via wxPython and Boa Constructor.

Now I want to save that info such that:

- the user can later search for any piece of data (search by date entered, 
for example).
- the non-text data can be plotted on a chart and simple line regression, 
etc., applied to it.
  this could be some variable over time line graph or one variable vs. 
another scatterplot.

The plotting I will pursue at another time, possibly via MatPlotLib or 
something.  But as for databases, I've heard a few choices, including gadfly 
or SQL and others.  I know zero about this, but I've heard gadfly is good if 
it is just a small dataset.  But how small is small?  The app I'm thinking 
of would take maybe 10-20 numbers/day and a few textboxes worth for 
potentially years.   Or should I just pony up to SQL or some other option 
that I don't know about?

Any recommendations or small python projects which are like this I might 
want to check out?  thanks.

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