[Tutor] move forward in arbitrary direction

Jonathon Sisson sisson.j at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 11:51:39 CEST 2006

Hrmmm...I do believe you are right, Luke.  My bad...it's been a bit 
since I actually used this stuff (about 12 years ago in college...heh). 
  And yes, it would matter, unless you swapped the key functionality 
around...but let's keep it simple, yes?

Good thing I'm not programming this project...haha.


Luke Paireepinart wrote:
>     Going by radians, 0.0*pi is pointing to the right, 0.5*pi is pointing
>     down, 1.0*pi is pointing to the left, and 1.5*pi is pointing
>     straight up.
> uh, wouldn't pi/2 be pointing up?
> Don't you set 0 radians to be the positive-x axis and then go 
> counter-clockwise?
> Or does it not matter?
> It seems like it would.
> Thanks,
> -Luke

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