[Tutor] Adding voting to several object in python and db

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sun Oct 29 09:58:06 CET 2006


You've been asking a lot of very web specific questions.
But you haven't told us much about how you are building
your application. You mebntion Ruby on Rails here. Are
you using any of the Python web development
frameworks - TurboGears, Zope, etc?

If you are serious about web development then you
really should be using one of these frameworks. Using
bare Python is good for learning but not the most
efficient way to build a real web application.

If you are using one of the frameworks you should find
that it has its own community forums to answer specific
questions. This community is best suited to questions
about the core Python language and libraries. The more
specific the subject area the more specific the help
forum to answer it. But without knowing what environment
you are using it is difficult to give any kind of help.

Alan G.

"anil maran" <anilmrn at yahoo.com> wrote in message 
news:20061029001429.95692.qmail at web55212.mail.re4.yahoo.com...
>I m having lots of fun with python it is like all of sudden I m
> unshackled from the days of java Man it is a lot of fun. It is super
> simple and easy... Ok now to my question, I m trying to add a 
> ranking
> feature to various objects in the system,  the users, their posts,
> their media etc, suffice to say I have to rank a lot of objects. 

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