[Tutor] Matching on multiple log lines

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 01:54:00 CET 2006

> so it's guaranteed that 'Writing Message to'
> will always be followed by 'TRANSPORT_STREAM_ID'
> before the next occurrence of 'Writing Message to'
> and all text between can be ignored,
> and we increment the counter if and only if
> there is a newline immediately after 'TRANSPORT_STREAM_ID'
> yes?

just throwing this out there... would anyone do something like a
open('log.txt', 'w').write(str(len(re.split(r'Writing Message
to([\w\d\s:/\.]+?)TRANSPORT_STREAM_ID    Parameter value:
0160\r?\n'))), or is this unseemly due the fact that the file may be
very large?

advantages i see here include: no counter to maintain since you get
the one answer at the end, your python code is not iterating thru the
file one line at a time (the faster C code in 're' is), you auto
matically skip the TRANSPORT_STREAM_IDs that are *not* followed by a

just wondering,
-- wesley
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