[Tutor] question about pylab

Markus Rosenstihl markusro at element.fkp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Oct 31 09:41:21 CET 2006

Am 31.10.2006 um 08:35 schrieb shawn bright:

> hey there,
> i am trying to use a graph and chart app called matplotlib, but i 
> cannot figgure out how to have it plot a simple chart over time.
> the docs say to use the function plot_date() but i cannot seem to get 
> the values to agree.
> I am sending datetimes to the charting app for x, and the y is a list 
> of values that the our equipment reports.
> sometimes there are lots of reports in a row, and i would like the 
> chart to show it like that instead of plotting out every time as an 
> evenly spaced tick on the x scale. Does this make any sense, what i am 
> after here? Anyway, if any of you have much experience with this sort 
> of thing, or may suggest a package (pylab is my first attempt) please 
> send me some advice.
> thanks for your time,
> sk

I am not sure if I get it right, could you give us some sample data   
and some code what you have tried?
I never used plot_date, but I could give it a try.


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