[Tutor] A bug or a feature - complex arguments in special functions

Eli Brosh ebrosh at nana.co.il
Sun Apr 1 23:25:39 CEST 2007

I am trying to convert from MATLAB to Python.
I am using Python 2.4.3 for Windows (Enthought Edition)
In one of the first programs, I tried to use the special functions from the SciPy  "special" module.
However, when I tryed:
>> from scipy import *
>> special.jv(0,1+1j)
I got an error message and python restarted.
The problem did not go away after I installed the latest version of SciPy.
Is there a significant bug in the bessel functions when handling complex arguments ?
Or, is it some feature that I do not understand ?
Eli Brosh
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