[Tutor] Need a Clean Start

William Allison allison.william at comcast.net
Fri Apr 6 14:01:53 CEST 2007

Keegan Johnson wrote:
>  I need to get the pygames, py2app, etc on my computer  
> (I have a Macintosh). Is there any way to clean up all these files  
> that I've accrued trying to get things to work? I've been able to do  
> a little bit but nothing more than that. Also, what should I use?  
> There's lots of different versions different sites recommend. Anyone  
> willing to authoritatively decide?
> Thanks a million for any help at all,
> Keegan
Not sure what you've accrued trying to get things to work so can't tell 
you how to clean them all up.  But sounds like you might want to check 
out easy_install, it lets you install, upgrade, and uninstall Python 
packages.  You can even have a "custom installation location" such as in 
home directory. 


As far as which version to use,  I think I read somewhere that the 
latest version of Python is typically the best version of Python.

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