[Tutor] TCLtutor like python program

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at airtelbroadband.in
Sun Apr 8 19:06:23 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,
   A couple of months ago, I had posted on this list asking about the
usefulness of such a program. Something similar to TclTutor
(http://www.msen.com/~clif/TclTutor.html) for python.
   I've spent some time on this and have come up with a crude first
version. I'd appreciate if some of the more experienced members of this
list could take a quick look at the program and comment on the code and
the content of the lessons.
   I've written 7 lessons till now. The order is roughly based on the
standard python tutorial on python.org.
   I've used Tkinter for the GUI because it's widely available. I've
tried to keep all the GUI functionality in a separate module so that I
can add (maybe) GTK support later on.

   The whole thing is available as a tarball from
   I'd really appreciate some comments and feedback on what everyone
thinks about the project.

Thanks much.


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